Hélas, last raspberry harvest.

Despite the erratic periods of rain and sun in the past couple of months, it’s a fecund year for the raspberries. We bought the two raspberry canes two years ago and now these two cannes have done themselves proud. They have over taken a corner of my garden by crowding out my Rhododendron and my Photinias. Perhaps it’s blessing in disguise as I get to enjoy at least my first and last bountiful harvest of raspberries before I move out. 

For my first harvest about two weeks ago, I reaped 210g of raspberries. It was actually a timely harvest as my other half was over for the weekend. If I had waited for a few more days, the raspberries would have got too ripe, dropped to the ground and rotted. I decided to transform the 210g into a raspberry tart. 

After a quick search, I came across a relatively simple raspberry crumble ‘tarte crumble aux framboises‘. I picked this particular recipe because it used oatmeal as the main ingredient to make the crumble and thus less butter, flour and sugar (healthier version and thus eating it with less guilt). In addition, ever since I have integrated oatmeal into my breakfast staple, I have lots of oatmeal lying around. In the recipe, it needed 300g of raspberries. To make-up for the 90g shortfall, I used some of the frozen berries (red currants, blue / black berries and raspberries)  that I had in my fridge. Hence, my tart could only be called a 70% homemade crumble.

Mixture of berries and sugar. The black tiny bits in the mixture are the blue berries.
The berries mixture on homemade crust.
Mix oatmeal, butter, and sugar, and butter.
Cover the tart with the oatmeal crumble.
Voila! My raspberry crumble.
A slice of real fruit goodness.

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