New Apartment

We moved! We bought and moved to a bigger apartment. Still in the same city, just 3 minutes walk away from the previous flat. It’s in a 70s building with a balcony that goes around the whole flat – the kitchen, living room, study room and bedroom. More than twice the size of the previous flat.

Favourite Bits

Favourite part of the new apartment – spacious kitchen island with the proper electronic appliances!

My first glimpse of the flat – rays of sunlight passing through the full length sliding windows into the living room, brightening up the whole space, highlighting the modernly equipped open-concept kitchen – made the decision for me. Oh, the kitchen is my favourite room – a minimalist, spacious kitchen island integrated with an induction cooktop. Heaven! After 6 years of making-do in teeny, weeny badly equipped kitchens of rented apartments in both Hong Kong and France, we finally have a proper kitchen. Together with the proper microwave and the oven left by the previous owners, Silviu and I can now indulge in whipping up a feast.

Not the most inspiring view, but there is still a view! If you look far, you will see the forest.

The other decisive factor was the balcony. It’s spacious enough for us to place an outdoor dining set. We don’t use it too often though – bit chilly in the earlier part of the year, and now it’s too hot. But when we do get the chance, it’s a nice, cosy spot.

First Stay-Over Guests

We received our first set of stay over guests, finally after 2 years in France. Ionel and Mirela from Sibiu, Silviu’s childhood friends, came to visit us for a week. On the weekend, we rented a car for the weekend and explored this region, and Claude Monet’s Garden in Normandy.

Our first stop. Chateau de Madeleine. It's the second time Silviu and I came to the top. The last time was in 2016 when we ran up.
Claude Monet’s Garden at Giverny.
Tourists at Monet’s Garden.
Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay, an 11th century monastery located in the Rambouillet Forest.
13th century Saint Gervais & Saint-Protais Cathedral at Gisors, Normandy
A cheese spread for our first set of stay over guests, Ionel and Mirela on our new balcony

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