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What I Think About When I Am Training On My Indoor Bike?

Ep 6 What do I think about when I am training on my bike?

In the last episode, I told you about a new routine that I have picked since the start of the lockdown in France. It’s indoor bike training. I am training 5 times a week on my bike, based on a 6-week training plan from Zwift, a virtual training application for runners and cyclists. In this episode, I …

Virtual Cycling Adventure With Zwift

Ep 5 Week Virtual Indoor Cycling Adventure With Zwift

What’s keeping you sane during the lockdown period? For me, it’s the 30 hours and 610km of virtual indoor bike training with Zwift, and of course, the buckets of sweat over the last six weeks.In this episode and the following one, I am sharing with you my virtual cycling adventure that I have embarked on. …