Self-Reflection: Productivity Guilt

Ep 3 Ferme Viltane. Tulips. April 2019

In Episodes 1 and 2, I mentioned about my low productivity regarding the list of things I have planned to do during the first month of lockdown in France and that I have experienced feelings of guilt and failure. I shared with you two newspaper articles countering the fad of achieving productivity during these trying …

To Be Or Not To Be – Productive

Ep 2 St. Eynard, Parc Chartreuse, France. May 2016. Trail running.

Nowadays, “productive” seems to be a buzz word. Have a quick look at the social network, and you can see that the Internet is proliferating with ideas on how to stay productive during the lockdown. Are you one of those super productive people, or are you like me, after 31 days of lockdown, there is …

Lockdown Day 31, France

Ep 1 La Loire, France. July 2017. Sunflower.

My first podcast. 31 days have passed since the French government decided on the quasi complete lockdown of the nation. I have lots of goals set up to achieve during this period; yet, a month later, I don’t feel like I have achieved much. And you? Are you confined as well? Are you more productive …